Funny Fake Casting Couch Prank

Real porn stars come to the casting couch expecting to audition for a role in an adult film, but instead of taking their clothes off, they put costumes on instead and play with toys – and not the kind of toys you think! The girls are very genuine and friendly and are ultimately willing to play along with the hilarious requests and situations put before them by the casting agent. One girl approves of performing with extraterrestrial aliens, then dresses as Pikachu and dances with a kid’s toy in her hand, while another is asked if she would be willing to get married in an adult film and have children. By the end of the audition, they’re riding the casting agent – piggy-back style! These women do anything they’re asked and have fun doing it, all in hopes of landing a role. The problem is, the person interviewing them isn’t a real casting agent, and has never seen an adult film! The girl in the thumbnails name is called Alex Chance and she is knows for her big ass.


  • jenny
    Jan 23, 2017., 13:51 • Reply

    That makes two of us.