Kanye West Goes On A Rant About Taylor Swift

Kanye Omari West, popularly known as Kanye West is a rapper, designer, producer and an established entrepreneur who hails from Chicago in the United States of America. Taylor Alison Swift, popularly known as Taylor swift is an American singer and songwriter who hails from Pennsylvania and came to the United States to pursue a career in country music.

Kanye west’s allegedly attacked Taylor Swift in an Audio believed to have been recorded at the Saturday Night Live show at the backstage. Kanye was frustrated by the producer’s decision to remove part of his set for his musical performance. This made him shout that no one should f*** with him.

Kanye goes ahead to mention Taylor swift in the audio saying, that he is bummed, due to the performance stage changes and Taylors fake a**. Kanye takes credit for Taylor’s fame in the song famous where he raps, about making Taylor famous and says that he and Taylor may still have sex. During her Grammy awards acceptance speech, Taylor swift struck back at Kanye asking all the women out there not to let anyone take credit for their accomplishments

Later, Kanye considers not continuing with his performance, saying he has gone through the same for the last six years.

He goes ahead and says, “Let’s get to it, bro,” and repeats himself. After what is heard like a jump in the clip, Kanye West goes ahead and compares himself with filmmaker Pablo Picasso, Paul the Apostle, Stanley Kubrick and drug lord Pablo Escobar – who was thought to be the motivation behind the title of West’s new album, The Life of Pablo

Briefly, Kanye’s beef with Taylor Swift is here to stay and more is expected from the two. There are more unsolved issues between them and some people are speculating that Kanye might be having an emotional breakdown but this has not been confirmed.